Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Welcome to Nairobi! I flew in last night and arrived safely in Jomo Kenyatta airport where my friend Emmanuel then picked me up in one of the field school land rovers. So good to be back!

I am writing from the easy surf at the Sarit Center. A bit pricier than other internet cafes perhaps, but pretty reliable. So I stayed at the Impala Hotel last night and had a whole tilapia fish for dinner with a lovely "stew" on it. A sauce, in other words. I think I ate my fish, chips and greens in about 5 minutes flat I was so starving. It was about 10:15pm. I ordered at around 9:30. That's pretty speedy in my experience with these little hotel restaurants.

Following my gourmet meal I took a boiling hot shower in my little shower/sink/toilet room. Then tried to sleep. This went okay for a few hours but then I got restless. Mind racing with details of the following day, etc. I finally woke up around 5:30 and never quite got back to sleep.

So I got up, had breakfast (scrambled eggs on toast and (gasp!) a piece of sausage...which I totally did not order but had 1/2 of anyway to be polite). Incidentally, I also ate a ham and cheese croissant in the Amsterdam airport. What can I say...I'm less strict about the whole "I don't eat mammals" thing when I am traveling. After breakfast I walked to the museum...about a 15 minute walk. In fact I need to get back there. I was going to try and get back by 11:30 or 12 and it's almost 11:30 now. Quick lunch and then I'll head back. I'm going to be looking at some monkey fossils today...and maybe some other fauna, but we'll see.

I'll write more later in the week.

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