Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Two days to NOLA

I just made my packing list. I am slightly obsessive about packing lists. I know that if I do not make them, I will forget something. Probably something not very important, but it will drive me a bit nutty so I make the list. I think it's a healthy obsession...if there is such a thing.

My other list, the list of music to see (to hear and see) while in New Orleans, is short and very open to change. It includes, however, one Ingrid Lucia formerly (or maybe currently?) of the Flying Neutrinos. She's a jazz singer...she performs a kind of paired-down bluesy, New Orleans-flavored jazz with a hint of dixieland and swing thrown in for extra texture. We saw her in NOLA in 2001 at the Old Point Bar at Algiers Point. That visit to NOLA was with my boyfriend at the time, Mike. We were there for JazzFest. A very good reason to visit. But this time there is no special event, no big festival or parade. Just my lovely man and I spending a week in the Crescent City doing nothing in particular, hearing good music, eating good food and enjoying ourselves.

Before we leave I have things to do of course. And currently I am doing none of them because I am spending far too much time customizing this blog. Such is life.

More in a few days...when my belly is full of gumbo.

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Kim said...

Try to find time to go to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop - the pianist is great. It's at Bourbon and Dumaine.