Monday, May 31, 2010

Help me change my domain name

I think it is time to abandon my domain and switch to something that is a bit more reflective of my life at the moment. I want to keep the redcat part because that's me. I am redcat. But is not available and besides, that by itself does not really say anything. So I need help.

Send me any ideas you might have on what I can put after redcat. Maybe it's as simple as Or is that too vague? It should represent me as completely as possible without actually using my name. Here are a few things to consider. I am an anthropologist. I am an avid traveler. I am trying to work as a freelance writer (yes, I am finally pursuing this while I have the time over the summer). I like to write about a wide range of things but I am realizing that apart from travel writing, I particularly enjoy writing about food, nature (including animals of course), science, education, people I encounter, and all the intersections that may occur. I also continue to be a musician now and then. Perhaps most importantly, I have a sense of humor.

Maybe you know me better than I know myself. Throw me some ideas. Let's see what happens.


CateTV said...

Hello Pam!

Hope you're having an awesome day....Have no clue how I came upon your post early this morning but here I am.....

I've come up with a few names for folks/clients over time after listening to them for awhile....Here's my quick suggestion for you.....

If I think of any others....I'll let you know :)

Best of luck....

Cate Colgan

Pammer said...

Thanks Cate. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful summer day. Weather here is fabulous!


Best wishes~

Kim said...

To be totally on the nose:

or how about slightly introspective, RedCatRamblins

or esoteric, RedCatEvolves

or RedCatRoaminChat?, RedCatRockinOut?

I could go on and on for days.

Pammer said...

Kim, you crack me up. Thanks. These are awesome.

Matera the Mad said...