Monday, June 12, 2006

5 minute blog from caps

i'm in such a hurry that i don't have time for the shift's a quick rundown...kenya is beautiful, but i've seen very little so far. i'll have more to say in 6 weeks. i'm still a bit jet lagged but i've been having a good time...all of the students, teachers, etc. are awesome...really nice and it's great to talk to people who are interested in a lot of the same things as i am. we met some very nice kenyan women the other day and they gave us lots of tips on safety, language, tribal groups, etc. really sweet and they all have kids...single, working moms. probably my age or younger.

the food has been good...excellent indian food. but stuff is kinda pricey here...much more than in ghana. still, i'm sticking to a pretty good budget.

there are lots of feral cats hanging around everywhere...mousers i gather...some cute kittens...i got some pics with my snazzy digital camera of a momma kitty cleaning her baby.
oh and we saw lots of snakes today at the ones! we saw black mambas and puff adders....the two deadliest...they're not very big...hard to believe something that small could be that deadly, but there you go.

some of the guys who've been to the field school previously have given us the lowdown on some of the bigger insects up at koobi fora...apparently there are giant, 10-legged spider critters with two sets of fangs...and yet....they're apparently harmless...i'd give that quotes but it'd take too long.

okay...i really have to go or else they'll leave without me!

i will be in touch again in about 6 weeks.


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