Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My poor unused blog

I started this travel blog like two years ago...I haven't really gone anywhere since then, except to San Diego and then to Indiana for Xmas...clearly, I wrote nothing about those trips. But now I'm going to Kenya...yep, back to I have something pretty big to write about. Sadly, I'll be in a remote area for most of the time and unable to access a computer. Such is the way of things.

Despite these limits on my ability to write, I'm going to check in when I arrive in Nairobi and again at the end of my 6-week program. Oh...right...I'm going to a field school at Koobi Fora, a very well-known early hominid site in NW Kenya. It's the Lake Turkana region...lots of desert and Nile Crocs. I don't plan on swimming much...or at all. For anyone who I haven't been in touch with (sorry), I'm currently attending a grad program at Hunter College (an MA in Anthropology) and am studying paleoanthropology (that's the study of our early human ancestors...their fossilized bones, mostly). The field school is run by Rutgers U. in conjunction with the Kenya National Museums. Pretty neato. I will be meeting lots of professionals who will teach me the ropes...or at least the very frayed ends of those'll take awhile for me to learn how to braid one for myself. :-)

So I'll write when I get to Nairobi and you'll have two...count' entries to read! Maybe I'll even take a photo of the airplane or my hotel. Tommy (my brother) has given me a digi camera, so I'll be able to load images unlike last time ("last time" refers to my trip to Ghana for those of you didn't know me then...and for those who did, hopefully there will be fewer detailed descriptions of cockroaches this time...I'll just take a picture!).

Alrighty to you soon.

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